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The Faces of Our Organization

Anisha Sharma

Anisha Sharma is a freshman at the Hockaday School. She is very passionate about helping the elderly, and has done multiple activities focused towards the elderly, including a study of the mental health of elderly nursing home patients. Anisha loves taking care of elderly patients, and her favorite thing in the world is seeing the look on these patients faces when they receive wholesome letter

Zariah Arrington

Zariah Arrington has been attending the Hockaday School since the 5th grade. She started my education at St. Phillips School and Community Center a school dedicated in uplifting its community. She has a deep interest in art and is currently in the art club and a part of the Nasher Student Advisory Board. She is excited to work with Senior Pen Pals in connecting Hockaday students and senior citizens and strengthening the community as a whole.

Ananya Sharma

Ananya Sharma is a junior at the Hockaday School. Since she was a child, she would go to nursing homes and talk with the patients there; she has developed a strong bond with elderly nursing home patients. She loves helping these patients feel as happy and comfortable as they possibly can, and hopes to spread love through Senior Connections


Isa Moreno

Isa Moreno is a freshman at the Hockaday School. She is the Outreach Coordinator for Senior Pen Pals.

Estee Phaneuf

Estee Phaneuf is a sophomore at Hockaday and does cheer and soccer. She also loves to help the community and is so excited to help spread the news about Senior Pen Pals!

Olivia Zambrano

Olivia Zambrano is so excited to be the Recruitment Director of Senior Pen Pals. She is a big partaker in the arts, and loves meeting new people in both of my classes and in other groups she is a part of, such as my job and the softball team. She is the Vice President of the Foreign Films club, and a member of art club, QSU, and the Latin American Student Union. She can’t wait to welcome and greet all new members of Senior Pen Pals!

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