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Turning Interest Into Action

Today, nursing homes' senior citizen patients have been isolated from friends, family, and social connections due to COVID-19 restrictions. Because of their susceptibility to COVID-19, nursing homes have been under a severe lockdown, with limited visitation, even from immediate family. Social activities, inside and outside the facilities, have been heavily restricted. This isolation has taken a toll on the physical and mental well being of these seniors. 

We have developed a contact-free program to help connect seniors and school-children. Research demonstrates that intergenerational connections promote the health and life satisfaction of seniors, and we believe that children benefit from the wisdom granted by the rich life experiences of these elders.

Seniors enjoy receiving notes and letters from children, and often enjoy sharing their stories with them.

In our program, kids can write letters to a "Senior Pen Pal" and we connect the letter writers to their pen pals through out Internet portal.

To keep the whole process contact-free, parents could take a picture of the note and upload it to us through our portal. We will direct any replies back to the specific parents and students.

Our hope is that these connections are meaningful, and have a lasting, positive impact on both generations.

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